Fractions Resources to Support Your Child’s Journey

This blog post is a continuation of the last one I wrote about students struggling to learn their fractions. I provided you with things you could do at home, but I wanted to provide you with a few resources (Affiliate Links) that you could look at to support learning at home. As always, you doContinue reading “Fractions Resources to Support Your Child’s Journey”

Tips for Building Early Numeracy Skills for Your Youngsters

I recently visited with Kelly Dharamshi from The Reader’s Corner. She is an expert tutor who supports early literacy as she works with children in grades Kindergarten through fifth grade. She and I have visited several times and we decided to collaborate. I do have a few kiddos that I support with reading, even thoughContinue reading “Tips for Building Early Numeracy Skills for Your Youngsters”

Are Audiobooks a Bad Thing?

I sometimes get asked if audiobooks are a bad thing. And, my answer to that is a flat out no. For some people, this is the only way they find time to read. I know I have enjoyed some really great books on “tape.” I even recall a road trip where our family listened toContinue reading “Are Audiobooks a Bad Thing?”

Is it a reading comprehension problem or a vocabulary problem?

Sheryl shares here struggles learning to read as a child and how this impacted her journey as an educator. Reach out to her if your child is struggling, she might be able to help you!

How long does it take to master a new skill?

I was thinking about this idea today and decided to do a little bit of research about this idea of mastery. According to, the meaning of mastery is to have a command or grasp of a subject. Why is this important? It is important when we think about our children and their learning. IfContinue reading “How long does it take to master a new skill?”

Looking for a tutor? Let’s chat!

I have 32 years of classroom experience in upper elementary. I may be the tutor you are seeking! I have a lot of experience with all kinds of topics and student needs. I am eager to visit with you! If you are interested in more information, check out my website for more information. I lookContinue reading “Looking for a tutor? Let’s chat!”