Why I complete an assessment when meeting a new family and what it tells me about the child I am going to work with.

Completing an assessment prior to working with a child allows the tutor to “see” the problem the parent is describing.

Summer Travel, Trip Planning Made Fun!

I know how challenging planning a summer vacation can be. I also know that just finding time for one can be the biggest challenge. I wonder if you ever considered having your children help you with your family trip planning.  It always sounds so idyllic to think about a trip. The family will get toContinue reading “Summer Travel, Trip Planning Made Fun!”

What does tutoring look like from my perspective?

Sheryl shares her excitement about a recent tutoring session and explains from her point of view how the student is reaching their goals. She also tells about a parent’s testimonial. She provides the reader with a contact form to get more information and schedule a meeting.