Fractions Resources to Support Your Child’s Journey

This blog post is a continuation of the last one I wrote about students struggling to learn their fractions. I provided you with things you could do at home, but I wanted to provide you with a few resources (Affiliate Links) that you could look at to support learning at home. As always, you doContinue reading “Fractions Resources to Support Your Child’s Journey”

December Newsletter from Tutoring with Sheryl 

Happy Holidays to you and your family! I have been thinking about this time of year and how we tend to stay indoors more often due to the fact that in my area, it is very cold outside! We have fewer hours of daylight, and therefore we are hanging out with one another inside.  ThenContinue reading “December Newsletter from Tutoring with Sheryl “

Simple Strategies to help your Third Grader through Sixth Grader Learn About Math

Need ideas for supporting your third through sixth grader with their math at home? Here are some suggestions that may help boost your child’s confidence and background knowledge. For more support with your child’s learning go to

Exiting the Classroom and Entering the Tutoring World

I recently shared this information on the app Clubhouse. I decided this made for a great Blog Post. You can listen to the clubhouse talk on the app, but I decided I would go ahead and recreate this into an audio version and share it on my blog post as well. I want others toContinue reading “Exiting the Classroom and Entering the Tutoring World”

What does tutoring look like from my perspective?

Sheryl shares her excitement about a recent tutoring session and explains from her point of view how the student is reaching their goals. She also tells about a parent’s testimonial. She provides the reader with a contact form to get more information and schedule a meeting.

Should I sign my child up for a summer learning camp?

As we approach the end of the school year, parents start to consider ways they can keep their child actively involved. They look at prices for the swimming pool, they scan advertisements looking for day and overnight camps. They look into their local sports organizations. The list is endless. They might even consider their localContinue reading “Should I sign my child up for a summer learning camp?”

Financial literacy, I wish they would have taught that in school!

I have been doing some thinking about the math that we teach in school. I teach math to fifth graders and I feel like I do a very good job. I follow our school’s curriculum, I work hard to make the concepts easy to understand yet challenging. I show multiple strategies for students to useContinue reading “Financial literacy, I wish they would have taught that in school!”

Should I make my child read alone, or should I read aloud to them?

Sheryl asks the question of having your child read alone or should you read aloud to them. She shares her insights into her experiences and provides some advice to parents. For more information about Sheryl or support for your child, go to

Memorizing math facts, is it really THAT important?

I have taught in a regular elementary education classroom for 32 years. I have had all sorts of students. Some have been absolutely brilliant at math calculations and problem solving. Others have struggled with math and counted on their fingers. But, in the end, making math easy for all of them has been my goal.Continue reading “Memorizing math facts, is it really THAT important?”

Growing a Reader

Sheryl reflects on how she followed the advice of a co-educator to raise her children to love reading. She talks about how her family’s routines encouraged her children to love reading and how the routines supported them as readers.

My child says the homework is done, but my child’s teacher is telling me it isn’t. What do I do?

Sheryl talks about strategies to support their child with their homework.

Is it a reading comprehension problem or a vocabulary problem?

Sheryl shares here struggles learning to read as a child and how this impacted her journey as an educator. Reach out to her if your child is struggling, she might be able to help you!

How long does it take to master a new skill?

I was thinking about this idea today and decided to do a little bit of research about this idea of mastery. According to, the meaning of mastery is to have a command or grasp of a subject. Why is this important? It is important when we think about our children and their learning. IfContinue reading “How long does it take to master a new skill?”

Is Tutoring for you?

I believe that if you feel your child needs support, you need to seriously consider a tutor. Why? Teachers are very busy people, and I know we all want to believe that they can drop everything for our children. But, that is not always the case. Sometimes we need to work with another qualified individualContinue reading “Is Tutoring for you?”

Looking for a tutor? Let’s chat!

I have 32 years of classroom experience in upper elementary. I may be the tutor you are seeking! I have a lot of experience with all kinds of topics and student needs. I am eager to visit with you! If you are interested in more information, check out my website for more information. I lookContinue reading “Looking for a tutor? Let’s chat!”