Part 1: Math Games for Christmas!

Yes, I said it! Math games make awesome gifts for kids. Not only are they fun, they challenge kids to think and kids get to be kids while they learn!

I was inspired to write about this idea after looking for the directions for dominoes. I had a good idea that I knew the rules, but I wanted to check them out before offering to play them with my niece. It is a good thing that I did, because I discovered there are a LOT of ways you can play this game. I found a super website that was filled with the directions for dominoes. Not only did they have those directions, I also stumbled across all of their awesome sets of dominoes, dice sets, and cribbage sets. So, if that is your game, you should go and check it out at

After I stumbled upon this, I got to thinking about all of the great games I played with my sisters and I recalled the Simon. My mom got us this game one year for Christmas and I wondered if she regretted it. It was loud! But, we had a great time trying to play it. Simon is a digital game that requires batteries. Once you turn it on, you press the button and Simon plays a short tune. Your job is to repeat the tune. As you continue to get the tune right, the tune continues to grow. I loved this game because it challenged me to remember what I had heard. It also allowed me to follow the sequence of lights as well. So, if your child needs growth with repeating patterns, this is a great game to get them. Here is a link for this game.

(I have to disclose that any purchases from these links may result in income for me as an Amazon Affiliate.)

I also remember playing Chutes and Ladders. Obviously, I played this when I was a younger kiddo, but I remember this game. I loved the ladder and really disliked the slide! If your child needs help with counting, this is a perfect starter game. This is also a great game to help your child learn to take turns.

Who doesn’t remember playing UNO? That is a classic. It is always fun when you are getting rid of the cards, but not much fun when the cards are piling up in your hands. This game is great for problem solving, matching colors and numbers, and learning how to handle frustration!

I also remember going to my grandmother’s house and we played Chinese Checkers. What a great game for strategizing! It has a great spin on checkers with more complexity. When my sisters and I sat down to play, we were sure to laugh and giggle as we moved the marbles around the board.

The last one I was thinking about today was our monopoly game. However, I never really got into monopoly as much as my other family members did. But, I would take the money out of the game and use it to play “store.” I didn’t have a register to play with, but I would go into our pantry and pull out canned goods, and we would keep our empty boxes. We would set up the “store” and purchase items. We added them up and then counted out our money to pay for our grocery bill. The downside to using the Monopoly money was there were no coins in the game. So, I would take paper and create my own coins. I would spend hours setting up my store and then my sisters and I would play as if we were shopping for our groceries. Maybe this inspires you to have your kids get creative like this. I hope it does! But, if you don’t have the patience for them to empty out your Monopoly set and you don’t want the paper coins hanging around, I will give you with a few links that you can click on to see some things that are available. Here is a link to a cash register and some play money.

If you are worried that your child doesn’t understand money, I have made a great product that you can check out at my Etsy store. It will help you teach your child about the value of each of the bills and coins in the American system of money. It provides some examples of counting money as well.

I plan to build a list of games that I think you might want to check out as potential gift ideas, or you may want to pick them up for a local classroom or after school program. Remember that teachers purchase most of the items in their classrooms with their own funds, so take a moment to be thankful and support your local schools.

Check back to see Part 2 of this blog. In the meantime, if you need some digital downloads that support learning at home, be sure to click on the Resources page! If you need more information about Tutoring with Sheryl, be sure to click on the Book with Tutoring with Sheryl button and I will be in touch with you! If this has been helpful, be sure to subscribe and be sure to share it with a friend.

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