Need a fun, fast-paced game to keep the kids busy?

Summer is a great time to gather around the table and play a few games as a family or just with friends. The only supply you need is a deck of cards minus the joker and face cards.

You deal out the cards to everyone in the group as evenly as you can. Then group determines a target number. Let’s say we use the number 25 as our target. The first player lays down a card. Then the next player lays down their card while the entire group is computing the sum of the two cards in their head. The third person lays down their card in the same fashion and as the card total gets closer to the target number the group will be getting excited to “Hit the deck.” Once the pile reaches the target number or just passes it, the first person to “Hit the deck” gets the pile. I would recommend that the pile is recounted to determine the total. That player gets to keep the pile.

Play continues in this fashion until the deck is all used up. At that point, everyone counts their cards. The player with the most cards is declared the winner.

You can change the game up by changing the target number, by starting at a total and subtracting to get to a target number, or by using a very large number and using multiplication to reach that total or surpass it.

Have fun and think of as many ways as you can to change this fast-paced game up!

Happy learning and enjoy your time together!

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