Season’s Greetings from Nebraska

They call Nebraska, USA, The Good Life! This is for a very good reason. The people are so nice. My husband and I have traveled all around the United States and parts of Canada, and we are always reminded of how nice people are in Nebraska. They greet you with a hello, a wave of the hand, or a nod of the head. They open doors for you when you both meet at an entrance together. They stop to chat with you when you stand in line at the check out lane in the store. If you ask for directions, they help you. They volunteer to help at local Food Banks, they ring the bells for Christmas donations, they pitch in to help a neighbor in need. I think you get it, they are just nice, friendly people.

Why am I emphasizing this point? Because when you surround yourself with friendly people, you become friendly. Would this be important for you or or child? Of course it is! I want you to know that I always take time to greet students both in my classroom and outside of my classroom. I might be the first person who said hello to them all day. Sometimes, we as parents, get so busy with our days that we forget to take a moment to say hi to our loved ones.

The older I get, the older my own children get, and the older my parents get, helps me to clearly see the importance of a sincere hello. I was born and raised in Nebraska, The Good Life State. I see relationships as being important. If I can help others see the importance of that as well, then I have made a difference.

I think teachers, for the most part, see that as a vital component to what they do as well. We teach the whole-child. If that child’s emotional needs are not being met, then they have a difficult time processing new information.

As you move forward with your day, consider what a simple hello will do for someone else. I hope it will make your day as welll!

If you would like more information about me, consider checking out my webpage at I would be happy to work with your child, or you as a professional or homeschooling family!

Enjoy this busy time of year and don’t forget the importance of relationships!

(photo from Pexels, privacy policy: I will not share your personal information with anyone. I will simply use it in a professional manner to work with you or your child.)

Published by Tutoring with Sheryl

I have 32 years of experience teaching in public schools in Nebraska. I hold a Bachelor of Science in Education from the University of Nebraska-Lincon. I hold a Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction from Doane University. I have 2 Google for Education Certifications. I have been tutoring online for 1 year. I have worked with countless students of all ages to support their education. I also support teachers with planning and management in their classrooms.

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